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FlavourArt and our Benelux division

FlavourArt, the Italian flavour tailors

It’s 2006. Massimiliano Mancini and Anna Facchino—husband and wife—found FlavourArt. Their idea is to present a wide range of top quality flavourings directly to the end user. Much appreciated by both amateur and professional cooks, bakers, and really anyone wanting to “flavour up” their culinary creations.

2009. “Can your flavours be used for electronic cigarettes?” This question comes up and rises interesting discussions. Massimiliano evaluates the possibilities. The following five years are filled with research, quality assessment, safety testing … The work they do in this field is unprecedented. By 2014, FlavourArt is a world leader in e-liquids and flavourings for electronic cigarettes.

Quality and safety as a priority

The flavours and e-liquids we make must be the safest in the industry. It is one of our top priorities. In 2013–2014 we invest in a state-of-the-art research and quality lab for that purpose. 2015 brings a unique collaboration between us and the University of Milan Bicocca in the ClearStream Onward project. Each individual e-liquid is being tested to assess the impact on your health. All this information is publicly available at their website.

Local presence is key

We at Flavour Art Benelux believe in a local presence to fully support our brand. Operating from Antwerp (Belgium), we distribute our amazing products to retailers in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. We love good partnerships in order to go beyond the great quality we already have. You can reach out to us with any questions or ideas you have regarding our flavours and e-liquids. We’ll definitely find a way to work together.

Looking forward to a flavoursome future, and glad to meet all of you!

—The Flavour Art Benelux Team

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